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Festival international des arts plastiques de Monastir

Session: 12

Du  1er  au  12 Septembre 2014

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Le comité Directeur de la 12ème session

Mohsen Guettari  - Nejib  Rokbani  - Ali Hsan - Imed Rokbani - Mustafa Hamama - Mohamed Habib Rokbani

the speech of the president of Monastir Association of Visual Arts (session-12)
Ladies and gentlemen,
Dear guests, visual artists and sculptors,
Let me personally and on behalf of the governing body of the International Festival of Visual Arts of Monastir express the pride of our association for your attendance in this wonderful ceremony in the march of cultural tourism. I’d like to welcome all of you warmly especially Mr. Governor of Monastir, Mayor of Monastir , the representatives of Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Tourism as well as the Head Manager of The Arab Association of Tourism in Marina.
Drear respected brothers,
This session begins as usual in good conditions, thanks to the confidence in Tunisia from all over the world and the reputation that our association enjoys form everyone inside and outside the country. Our association is proud of this balance and tries to improve it as an encouraging factor to continue to give more with a distinguished group of people of creativity and innovation, who have contributed to the success of the Association and put it on firm foundations far from all political and ideological affiliations .This group has endured up to this day, and for the sake of their convictions, the hardship of travelling from the far parts of the world to join us. We welcome them, and all artists and sculptors to the country of civilizations and meetings, tolerance and peaceful coexistence. I’d like to insist that its current status and future bode all good, contrary to what promoted by some quarters.
 Ladies and Gentlemen, 
since it was established in 2004, our association aims primarily to strengthen the ties of friendship and cooperation and to exchange of experiences through direct acquaintance and twinning agreements with associations similar to it.
As a response to the participants’ recommendations in previous sessions, the governing body of the association has included in the program of this year festival new, rich and diverse parts which aim at introducing Tunisia through  on- site visits to find out what is possible from its civilization and the traditions of its hospitable people as well as its cultural, touristic and environmental achievements. Perhaps, this may a source of inspirations for their artwork and help them "in the search for the lights," according to the title of this session.
Let me, if you don’t mind, give you a brief idea about some specifications of this annual event which is getting more and popular, radiant and attractive.
1) Two artists from Iran and Albania are going to participate for the first time which rises the number of nationalities of artists who are participating in the festival of Monastir to 55 nationalities with participants belonging to different art schools around the world.
2) Our association is going to conduct two contracts with the twinning association (Beziers) of France and the Association of Quebec (Quebec) of Canada to become twinning number 12 with sister and friendly countries.
3) The prize of this session will awarded to celebrate the art work number 1000 done in Monastir.
4) Our association has planned for the first time painting workshops under water with the cooperation of the Young Chamber of Commerce and the association of “Our large blue” in Monastir. We hope that this cooperation will continue with other civil associations for more interaction and enrichment.
5)The planning of visits to “Gorea” Island ,the center of conservation  and the study of sea turtles in Monastir and the National College for the sciences and techniques  of the sea in Salambou to show the concern of special services about  the environment .
Ladies and gentlemen,
Now, I’d like to give the opportunity to experience the rest of   the program. I’d like to welcome you again and wish you a good stay among us and success in your work. Then, you go back home with good impressions and  the best of memories. I’d like also to thank all those who are attending our opening mainly Mr. Governor of Monastir, the Mayor of Monastir, the representatives of the Ministry of Culture , the Ministry of Tourism and the head manger of the Arab Association of Tourism in Marina and all those who have helped us to guarantee the success of this festival including the regional administrators, the police force ,mass media and the fans of our association and their children who are eager to join this elite group of innovators one day.
                  The president of the association
                              Almohsen Guettari 


Vernissage de l’exposition collective d’un groupe d’artistes tunisiens à CAP MARINA Monastir

Accueil des invités à la mairie de Monastir

Mme. RAYMONDE PERRON (Canada) remettent un cadeau souvenir à Mr. Ali Mzali Maire de Monastir

Mme. DOROTHEE DONTEVILLE (Société des beaux arts de Bésiers France) remettent un cadeau souvenir à Mr. Ali Mzali Maire de Monastir




Visite du centre de soins et d’études des tortues  marines

Mme Olfa Chaib accueille chaleureusement ses invités



Visite des ateliers de potiers et céramistes de Nabeul 


Visite du musée océanographiques de Salambo

Visite du musée LE BARDO



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